Trappenland Cat`s Gismo

blue, geboren am 11.05.2005

Züchter: Alexandra Becker & Christian Köchy

Ch. Int. Al Capone of Koi Pond


Number One of Koi Pond

black tabby cl.


Willowplace Number One Megacoon Rocking Cyrus
Willowplace Love Potion # 9
Norringy of Magic Cottage Just for Love of Tenderness
Willowplace Never Ending Story
Justine of Koi Pond

black torbie-white

Zampano of Koi Pond King Coon of Magic Cottage
Mountain Maine Kathy
Tokahee od Magic Cottage Willowplace Number One
Naomi of Magic Cottage
Gr. Ch. Int. Wildwillows Orynoko Flow

blue tabby cl.

Wildwillows Jumpin` Jack Flash

black tabby mc.

Wildwillows Guns`N`Roses Super Stars Innuendo of Wildwillows
Coonmora Cherokee of Wildwillows
Blackmoon Lovesong Tennessee The Unicat
Beauty of Tenderness
Koontucky Shannandoah

black tabby cl.

Gentlegiant Majerle of Koontucky Countrycousin John Boy
Donnahugh Somerset
Koontucky Mattea Weysha Jimmy Cricket
Coonmora Damariscotta of Koontucky